Walter 13th Floor Nightmare 2

Why? why? why? why? it was supposed to be a simple outpatient operation. They. they. they they. shock you, shove an ice pick in your eye the pain the pain the pain the pain, they scrape your brain a lobotomy they called it but but but but things grew worse grew angry grew sad Wilerbt started talking talking talking talking.

Now I am here waiting with nothing but my Doll, doll, doll, doll, he keeps me safe the orderlies no longer bother us us us us. Wilerbert’s knife saw to that he stuck them good he he he he goes missing from time to time bringing food and drink drink drink drink drink blood often blood so long as it was hot hot hot hot.

where oh where has my Wilebt gone have you seen seen seen seen him? with your hollow peeping eyes Walter you will be dealt dealt dealt dealt with, a lesson you will be taught do not poke your nose where it does not belong.

//A worn Raggedy Andy Doll sits watching Walter sleeping.

Walter 13th Floor Nightmare 2

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