Walter 13th floor Nightmare 1

you are woken again by the cough of a dying man. his death rattle has gotten even worse sense you closed your eyes wishing for death. the night is raining and it floods into the large barren room no furniture or bedding just the dark out lines of dozens of people stuck in this hell with you.

Your cradle your week old child, you had not wanted it or the attention of the orderlies but they were given to you again and again, you smooth back its hair and begin to sing between your sobs as you touch its cold skin caked with blood. the same orderly who had fathered it stomped its head in when you could not stifle its crying.

a young girl no older than twelve sobs with you the orderlies leave you alone now that they have her. the drag her out for hours and she always stumbles back bleeding and broken but she has it easy you know that now. now you have His attention.

the doors slam open and god forgive you but you pray its the orderlies to take the girl. but you see him silhouetted by the golden light he points and beacons you with his finger and you go to him your body fighting between yours and his desire.

the table is cold on your bare skin and his knife is colder, he smiles his cruel smile revealing his sharpened teeth as he strips peices of your flesh from you as he sings in a heavy russian accent “Fetch Maker, Fetch Maker, The Damnedest of Craftsman, we will take this lion and give them a lamb” his knife presses the glass knife under your left breast and with a long slice it falls away from you the pain is unreal as your heart pulses neat little lines and the doctor holds your still beating heart and the pain is unbearable but the sweetness of unconciousness remains out of grasp between verses of his songs he slices it to ribbons and he places it into a straw puppet and sends it though the mirror. and he sows you up with heavy scarring twine and your body burns as it cries out for blood no longer can you move for body all and for hours as you lay there watching his other depraved sorcery and surgey pile up before you are once more drug and left in the dark room,

Walter 13th floor Nightmare 1

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