The Freehold of Waverly.

Chapter two. Scene 4 & 5
Enter The Hounds

After stumbling across a dirt road on patrol Kenji and his group of advanced students follow the road to an old plantation style house converted into a club. Later identified as the Leather and Lace after gaining entry and investigating while schmoozing with the patrons of the club. Kenji was pulled aside for a private meeting with the Clubs owner Anastasia Toll.

Anastasia was concerned about the nature of his visit and the Summer Courtier Yoshi motoma he brought in tow. kenji putting together Anastasia’s kindred nature quelled her fear, informing her that they had stumbled across the club by accident.and had no idea of her or her condition. they were never the less ejected from the club.

Meanwhile Walter was in a state of psychic shock suffering from a looping nightmare, when he awoke the Autumn Sovereign was taking care of him. After a lecture into the safety Walter was given a dead line to recover or he would not be paid or compensated for his work on the festival.

A Radio Transmission from Radio One Fey informed Changeling Society of the Council meeting, with a unprecedented amount of interference and static. they arrive to the council meeting where the council discussed the grievances of the Bridge Burners about the Autumn Festival location as well as an update on the investigation into the assassination of the Spring prince.

The Hound Tribunal chose that exact moment to make their move. Being sent from Grandfather Thunder’s domain they wasted no time insulting the freehold’s leaders the comments were particularly vicious about the Winter Lady leading to an incident between Old Jeb and the hounds.

Chapter One. Scenes 1-3
Lines Being Drawn.

Ashes of Spiced Pumpkins

Henji and Walter were awoken by invitations for the Autumn Courts Equinox Celebration. Later intervening in on a scene between an Autumn Court messenger and a Courtless Bridge Burner. Henji separating the two before things could devolve into violence.

Henji and Walter learned that the location of the Celebration had been used as a fast road by Gentry to Arcadia on top of all the other horrors that had been wrought on the thirteenth floor of the Moon Rose Sanatorium. The Bridge Burner decided to go to the summer court and ask them to champion the Bridge Burners cause in a Council meeting.

Coffee and Assassination

After the mess that morning, both Henji and Walter decided to stop by Mac’s Pub. Where they witnessed a confrontation between Trevor Pens the Spring Prince and Ellie Red a young Spring courtier. He demanded that she end a relationship and reminded her that she was his plaything and nothing more.

Politics did not allow them to intervene and were forced to watch the berating of the young changeling. As Trevor sped off in his car they heard the after crack of a rifle and the prince’s car crash his brains blown out.

Mondays, always Mondays

The PCs went to their respective jobs Henji to teach martial arts at his dojo. Walter to the Library. Henji was tested by the Spymaster of the Winter court who gave the younger changeling a token known as Jack’s Bane when he had passed.

Walter had been given orders to watch over the preparations of the Autumns Celebration. When he stepped foot on the 13th floor of Morning Rose sanatorium he suffered a psychic assault leaving him temporarily broken.

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